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Enthusiasm is what encored the band back to the stage. With rave concert reviews and cries for more LP’s, Mercury/PolyGram re-released the Gold-LP”Secrets” in ’95 and in ’96 “Best Of Vol. II”. In addition to the band’s schedule, Michael Cooper remains vital in contemporary music today. When Con Funk Shun launched head man Michael Cooper between ’86 to ’93, Cooper shined on a string of solo hits including “Shoop Shoop”, ” Prove My Love”, and “Dinner For Two” on his Warner Bros. LP’s,in 2003 on NCA ” THIS HEART OF MINE” and “ARE WE COOL” Pilate emerged as a multi-platinum record producer for his award-winning production on M.C. Hammer, Addams Family Movie, and Hammer man Cartoon Show.

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