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In their formative years, they started in their hometown of Vallejo, CA. The band wound up in Memphis in the mid-70’s when they landed a lucky gig backing the Soul Children, a red-hot Stax act. After the Soul Children back-up…


CON FUNK SHUN Info: MICHAEL COOPER: 707 372 7176 UNIVERSAL ATTRACTIONS JEFF EPSTEIN: 212 582 7575 NEW YORK MICHAEL GARDNER LOS AANGELES CA818 7070229 Bay Area’s Promoter Mark Elliott of A-LIST MUSIC CIRCLE @ 510-238-9200 ROGGERS REDDING  And associates 478 742 8771…


Silk Sonic Bromo Mars Alex paak Wonderful LOVESTRAIN  COVER Thanks from the heart guys.


CONFUNKSHUN Con Funk Shun is a star-quality attraction delivering a superb, high-energy show with electrifying choreography, glistening six-part vocal harmonies, and a dash of humor. They are, unquestionably, among the heroes of Funk with romantic ballads and dance-party hits galore….